Monday, November 22, 2010

Start-Up Company Music Mastermind Introduces Unique Music Creation Technology 'SoundBetter'

Calabasas, CA – November 18, 2010 – Music Mastermind, an independent music entertainment and technology company, revealed today details of SoundBetter, a cloud-based technology that lets anyone create studio-quality music. SoundBetter joins a robust, growing patent and trademark portfolio held by Music Mastermind (MMM).

The company's SoundBetter solution simplifies music making by automating typically complex digital audio workstation processes, thereby allowing anyone to instantly become a recording artist. SoundBetter provides a complete creative solution that lets users enhance their voices, transform their voices into instruments, create pro-sounding beats, add studio-quality backing tracks, and even generate and add adaptable licks to collaborate with friends and famous artists. The technology's entertaining, game-like elements utilize simple visual cues to make the creative process fun and accessible to all. SoundBetter produces truly individualized music that can be shared and discovered across a broad array of social networks.

"We're at the forefront of the next evolution of music entertainment, and it's time to break down the barriers that prevent people from expressing themselves musically," said Matt Serletic, CEO of Music Mastermind. "This company is all about fun and easy music creation for everyone. All people love music, and now absolutely anyone can produce great sounding songs to enjoy and share with the world."

Serletic, a multi-Grammy Award-winning producer and former Virgin Records Chairman and CEO, founded Music Mastermind in 2007 with his partner, Bo Bazylevsky, a veteran Wall Street bond trader, senior hedge fund portfolio manager, and former Global Head of Emerging Markets Corporate Trading at J.P. Morgan. Together, they compiled a world-class development team with a full-time staff of more than 30 professionals from multiple disciplines, including entertainment, sound engineering, music theory, technology, finance and gaming. Led by Chief Technology Officer Reza Rassool, whose work has garnered a Technical Oscar and Emmy, MMM's engineering and design teams have over 190 years of cumulative experience. Members of the team have advanced degrees in computer science and music, as well as 33 console game credits, including multiple Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk titles.

The company successfully raised its first round of funding in February 2010 with nearly $5 million from angel investors, and is currently in the process of closing its second investment round.

"Media creation and consumption are at an all-time high, and our technology will do for music what YouTube did for video," said Bo Bazylevsky, President and COO of Music Mastermind. "We want to put the power of real, true creation into everyone's hands, and we're confident that our products will do just that. The tech is wrapped in such a fun interface that you don't even realize that you're working to produce music!"

The company plans to implement this unique music creation technology across numerous mediums; the announcement for MMM's new creation platform will be revealed in the coming weeks.

Music Mastermind simplifies the traditionally complex world of professional-quality music creation, allowing anybody with a creative idea to be heard. For more information about the company and its patented music creation technologies, please visit, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

About Music Mastermind, Inc.
Based in Calabasas, CA, Music Mastermind was founded by Grammy Award-winning producer/songwriter Matt Serletic and top Wall Street bond trader Bo Bazylevsky. Formed in 2007, the venture-backed start-up is dedicated to developing technologies that break down the barriers to music creation. For more information please visit

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