Sunday, October 9, 2011

Basics of Composing in Live - 2 hour Seminar - by FroBot

Here is a 2 hour seminar on the basics of Ableton Live. From the VERY first time opening. Covers how to compose in ableton live. Shot in Winter 2011 at Wormwood under Cafe Absinthe in Osaka, Japan.


Anonymous said...

hey, this is a very good guide for starting in ableton live. I enjoyed it very much and also learned a lot! Do u have the rest of the seminar? I would be very glad if u can upload it, wanna see and learn what happens...

best regards,

FroBot said...

Actually...I dont have it sorry! I had this file sitting on my computer and I was cleaning it up. I had forgotten all about it.

Jamie Hain said...

FroBot, I loved this video. Helped me out tonnes, as did the rest of your videos on YouTube! Sat with my notepad and pen, definitely learned a lot! Thanks man, gutted you lost the second half, was looking forward to seeing it! Keep it real! Jamie, Scotland.

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