Sunday, June 20, 2010

NOTES FOR 6.21.2010

(Todays Session Above)

Well, for the past 2 weeks, I have been busy working with my mastering engineer on my last 10 tracks....trying to get them all finished up. Also, I had some ear problems and had to see the doctor a few times...and he said it was best to take a small break from music until my ears cleared up. So the last few weeks have been filled with organic jams in the park since the weather is nice. However, I got back in the swing of things last weekend and started a new track. This one, is a lot different than my others. My other songs really have a "complete" sound, where notes resolve and calm the listener. This track, does not. Its more of a warpy electro song. I tried some new ideas on this track. Notes - 

Shutting your record quantization OFF can make for some really cool, less robotic sounds. This track is full of hits that are JUST OFF a little bit....even snares and claps. It made some "2nd swings" in the song which were really cool.

I also experimented with putting the claps in different places than the 2, and the 4. Then I brought them BACK to the 2 and 4 later in the track. It added a lot of power in contrast with the other clap.

Up until now, I was mostly using side chain compression on synth sounds with a really low threshold to get that pumping sound....but on this track, I experimented with using gates instead. I even bounce between side chain compression and side chain gating really quickly....which ended up sounding really cool.

I also tried coming in on the 7th bar instead of 4 or 8. It made from some unpredictable changes in the song.

Its good to cut your kicks out sometimes in odd places...and use on/off automation on other tracks at the same sometimes, when it comes back it, it slams a little harder, and makes it less stagnant.

I use pitch LFO modulation on some synth sounds just like I mention in my percussion tutorial...and it made some really warpy sounding synth sounds.

Oh yea, and steel drums are SWEET!

Well thats it for today!


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