Sunday, June 20, 2010

Best Books About Ableton Live

I know a lot of people want to wrap their brains around ableton live & music production. Most all of the tutorials I write about come from books that I have read, and relentless trial and error in ableton live. I have put together a books section on the right hand side of my webpage now that will help you along on your musical journey. Just mouse over the book to get more info. I have hand selected these books, and can honestly say, have read 90% of them from front to back and own most of them. I have a huge book collection of audio material, and I try to get an hour of reading in everyday, not including my train rides to and from work everyday. Most of the books are either about ableton live, music production, music science, and music psychology. I highly recommend, if you are attempting to be a solid producer, to get your head in some books about the science of sound before randomly pushing buttons and creating un-educated songs. Just 20 minutes a day reading about something new, and another half hour applying it in live, can make all the difference in your art. Remember to share your knowledge with everyone!



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