Sunday, July 18, 2010

CODA Brings NEEDED Change to Osaka Popular Crowd

Something very spectacular happened in Kansai last Saturday night at the Suma Beach Party 2010. Normally, this party is relatively good....but something happened that night that stood out from the rest of the years. I watched all the normal party goers...whether they be people who like top 40 music, salary men, hip/hop enthusiasts, heavy metal rockers....anyone & everyone...rock out to...can I say...the RAW BEAT. 

Now, there is nothing surprising about that fact that Juan, Karla, & Joey all had rockin groovy sets...this is something that many of the people within the scene all knew already from listening to Oasis Radio, or going out the the CODA shows in Osaka. But what was really remarkable, is that for the first time, at Suma took absolutely NO CHEESE to get the crowd going. Joey started off with some really groovy beats....great, solid, funky but even a little deep....and the crowd just ate it up. This is not an EASY feat by any means. I always feel like it takes some kind of lame remix, some popular overheard song, or some kind of cheesy DJ really get the crowd going. This was not the case for the Suma Party this year. The DJs played great, raw, underground tracks....and everyone on the dance floor were shaking it like they didnt know ANYTHING else in the world besides this particularly great underground house & techno. After Joey... Karla & Juan also brought a great attitude & great track selection to the table, and brought the party slowly more and more raw. By the middle of Karlas set, I could see girls & guys shaking it in front of the stage...but lacking the lame "grind" dancing that seems to follow these sorts of "popular, mixed genre" shows.

It is not easy to balance a crowd like the Suma crowd. When a DJ goes to play at their normal monthly event in a club...they know that the clubbers coming are prepared to hear the genres that are to follow. This permits DJs to dig deep within their tracks and find some even more obscure tracks because the people, for the most part, like that particular kind of music. This is especially true for music that CODA does, as it tends to be more underground, raw, and even experimental. But when you get a crowd of normal, everyday people who attend clubs like PURE, or Onzieme, only for the fact that they will have HUGE crowds and multi-genred music...people who are out for more of the EXPERIENCE rather than a particular GENRE of music... it is REALLY HARD to find the right tracks to make their feet move (and also the house knowledgeable listeners at the same time)...especially when it doesnt contain a remix or something for them to neurally catch on to. But last Saturday night at Suma beach....Coda changed all of that!

Not only were they able to supply the raw beat that made the people of Suma move their asses, they did it with a sort of "Funky Grace" that a lot of DJs just dont seem to have. A lot of DJs have trouble finding the right ATTITUDE on stage...whether it being super douchey and engaging the crowd like they are children....or, barely moving like they arent even enjoying it themself. But...between Karla (whos looks DAMN GOOD and cute up there...boppin her head and def feeling the music) & Juan (who never seemed to stop dancing on the stage even when his Coda friends were spinning)...they showed what a DJ should bring to the table at a mass event like the Suma Beach Party.

I hope this is a wave that will continue to ripple throughout Osaka. We need to show everyone around...that there is nothing like a FUNKY RAW BEAT...good and strong at its core...and you dont need something that you "know" feel it in your hips. Great job Karla, Juan, Joey, and everyone else who made the Suma Party possible this year! Great work, and I hope you continue this forward progress in the years to come! 

Again, fabulous job Karla, Juan, & Joey! You are a crucial part to making the Osaka scene a fresh & talented one!

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