Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Reciprocal Links for Music Bloggers (work in progress)

I know a few of you out there who are blogging about music and tech info. This will help you establish a little bit more GOOGLE grounding with some efficient back links. I tossed on each link directories GOOGLE RANKING so you can see how well it is going to help you. For those of you who are not familiar with this...google bases its rankings off of good backlinks. Getting your backlinks in directories is really a good way to help your ranking...(aside from GOOD CONTENT...which is most important). This is not good for bands so much, or artists...more for bloggers writing about useful info that will be searched via google. Since I write a lot about ableton, I get tons of hits daily from people searching for unique things about ableton. This will just help my website sit a little higher in the organic results. Anyway here is the list -

Ablaze Directory 3
MagDalyns Online 3
Syndirectory 3
Goobz.biz 3
VipDig Free Directory 3
My Directory Live 3
Tremble Online 3
Quality Marketing Directory 6
Business and Health Directory 3
Webnetclick 3
SEO friendly free link directory 3
Monster Link Directory 3
W3C Software Directory 3
Atlantisweb.net - Free General Web Directory Network 3
Euro India Directory 3
Welcome to Katerart.com, a website Directory. 3
Free Link Directory Submit 3
Seychelles Classifieds 3
The Adored Directory 3
Fast Approval FREE Link Directory 3
Pmdip directory 4
Health and Marketing Directory 6
Website Design in Japan 3
Lurpo - SEO Friendly Web Directory 3
Aqard - Submit Your Site 3
YXDMW Web Directory 3
mediahp.com directory 3
IfccFBI.org 3
Pandora Battery 3
Lebateauivre.com 3
Nashvillebbb 3
Aauml Web Directory 3
Web Directory 3
Cultu UR Technologie Directory 6
Cy-sd Web Directory 5
Eduology General Web Directory 4
SudaNow - Online Business Directory 4
Chhap - Web directory 3
Vision IQ Directory 5
ZicoSur.org 5
Shane English WEB Directory 5
Add URL & Submit Site to Free Website Directory 4
Imadec Open Web Directory 5
Sabuco Web Directory 3
Business and Sports Directory 5
Cortex Directory 3
Site Name 3
Alma Public Directory 3
Diroo 4

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