Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Apologies To Everyone for No New Posts

Hey everyone! I just wanted to send out an apology to everyone who has been reading my blog, and that I havent posted any good original material in a while. Its the summer months in Japan, and so many things are going on. We have the rainy season here from the end of May until, well, just about now....and normally that would be a good time to write...but, I have been DEEP within getting my new tracks mastered, and, I organize organic jam sessions near Osaka Castle where I live in the its music time, and time to be outside. Not to mention that I am a juggler, like playing with fire, and also play a ton of frisbee...and summer is just calling my name.

Thanks to everyone who has reposted my info...with a google search of my website, I noticed some of you saying good things on other web pages. Thanks a glad I could help, and I just hope that you plan to help others in the music world too, and watch the music grow.

Oh, and a couple of fuck yous to the few people who, for some stupid reason, are reposting my blog in other places and changing the words in some auto format way, and then still signing it frobot...makes me look retarded....but, eh....what can I say...douchebags...hahaha.

I finished up a lot of the tracks I was talking about in a lot of my posts...and, after dropping like $1,200 bucks on mastering...and tons of trial and error, I have decided to release about 6 of the 10 finished tracks. 4 of them, I am just not satisfied with...and may toss them up for free on soundcloud or something...I dont know.

I recently got my label registered on I was lucky to get. I am not much of a business oriented person, or one to selflessly promote, but hey, I got an outlet. Also, found a great website that helps you get your music on itunes, rhapsody, amazon, I have a few releases coming out there too, already submitted, and coming out in August. Also, got one of my tracks being released on a Tokyo label called "Turned on Records", and a remixer doing a remix of it...which will be out on (sigh), beatport...but I figure, have as many songs out as I can it tons of different places.

Anyway, I hope all you guys hook up with me on soundcloud, facebook, or has been nice sharing and communicating with all the ableton users of the world. You can find me from my website at

Anyway, I will post some new tutorials and such when I get back into the swing of things....I am still working on a few new tracks...but there are some banging beach parties all over Japan coming I gotta DJ a few times, and then rock out some outdoor raves and get my brain trashed for a while. Its been a busy and productive couple of months....

Again, I want to say thank you to all my subscribers and viewers....since starting to post in March, I have had over 20,000 views from over 85 countries....which doesnt mean shit really...if one of you got something out of any of this....well, it was all worth it....and even if you didnt....fuck it, I learned a ton!

Peace & Love


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