Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Headspace Studio (Nara) Creates Interactive VJ Pyramid at Summer Love Beach Party

Last weekend, a group of people (including myself) from Osaka & Nara organized a chill little beach party in Tango Hanto. Tango Hanto is North of Kyoto on the Sea of Japan (about 2 1/2-3 hours from Osaka).

The party was on Saturday, but I went up Friday morning with my wife, Jamie (from Headspace Studios), and Rick (another great visual artist). Our goal (and Jamie's brainchild) was to make a giant, 4 sided pyramid out of bamboo and hang a camera under it, to create the visuals that would display on the rocks above the DJ. But, after a LONG morning getting up there, getting stuck in sand on the beach, and getting totally drunk...we dubbed ourselves - Team - "Hurry the Fuck Up"...that was basically the story of our weekend! The first night...after barely getting anything done for the art installation....we sat back, and watched this amazing sunset! -

This picture does not do it any justice at all! It was amazing!

Anyway, day 2 rolled around, and we finally got the car pulled out of the sand. We slowly, very slowly....started to get our shit together. We got some super long bamboo poles...and started to construct the pyramid. In the end, it all looked like this -

Just some bamboo poles (we found near an old temple down the road), some string, and some wire...and you got a 4 sided pyramid man!

And this thing was a monster...bigger than we expected, and Jamie was climbing all over it all night! I even saw a girl dancing and hanging off it.

We got the camera and projector secured, and mixing board mounted on the side....and then started to play with the visuals. Here is a little video of us playing with it. Rob is playing with some fire, and I am getting all the DJ shit set up there with my wife! It was cool to see it come together!


After a good long weekend of music, visuals, dancing, drinking, swimming, relaxing....we tore the bamboo down in a fraction of the time it took to set up....and took the long road home. Along the way we stopped at a farm and ate delicious steaks (all of Team Hurry the Fuck Up)...and then slowly cruised home....and all the while eating too much ice cream. It was a great weekend...and one I hope to do again!


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