Monday, May 10, 2010

Notes for 5.11.2010

(Todays Session Above)

Crazy fucking track I am working on now. Something heavy has gotten into me. I started a new track yesterday...with a kind of neat concept. Its "You really got me" by Ray Davies. But, I didnt use his original version, I used parts of the KINKS version, and at the end, the VAN HALEN version. Damn it punches hard. It almost has a psytrance flavor with that hard electric guitar and endless buildups with rolling kicks. Totally party song for the hardest part of the night at 132 BPM. Notes for this track -

When making kick rolls that build up, use a distorted snare on top of the kick to make it sound less robotic. Change the velocity of it so it doesnt sound so computerized. Really helped make it sound more human, yet still rolling like a drum machine.

Noise gate worked really well for the kinks guitar part since there was so much hum in the background from a poor recording. I still gotta figure out a way to make the vocals sound nicer. The vocals are NOT an acapella, just the actually track (i couldnt find an acapella of it). So I cut the lows and highs and just left the mids in there. It sound ok since its a low fi type recording anyway....also, I am using a very strong snare sound to cover up the one in the track since it sits in the mids. Its the first time I have actually PURPOSELY tried to mask a sound rather than un-mask it. I am making my snare EQ on one of the snares sit ONLY where the snare sits within the original KINKS track. Its hard to find the harmonics of the snare however because the recording is so lo-fi, its just a jumple of frequencies. But it doesnt sound too bad. The only problem is, once I cut the lows and highs out of the track, boosting it to levels enough so you can hear it creates distortion. So I might split the track up into 3 frequency bands, and then use a noise gate on the 1K area so the pronunciation of his vocals stands out, then I can lower the other parts. I will try that tomorrow.

Putting a block of silence before the main part comes in is fucking great. It will piss off the dancers...but the come in is SO heavy and hard, they will forget anyway.

Sometimes, instead of adding a melody later in the track to spice it up, just add an extra electro style bass hit. It really changes up the sound so it doesnt sound boring, without actually making a synth line or something. I think I heard it in an "Armen Van Helden" track a long time ago that I loved, and it was the inspiration for that idea.

The craziest bit of luck happened today. I was putting in a build up explosion that I made out of those DRONES that I talked about in my sweeps tutorial, and the part actually sounds EXACTLY like the guitar part from the Van Halen track....fucking weird. I was going crazy cause I thought the guitar part was playing, and looking all over for it, then discovered the sound in the build up explosion.

I also used an extra ROUND kick on an off hit in this track almost like a percussion element. Sounded rad.

Well thats it for today. I woke up at 8:30 this morning because I was too excited to work on this track, and I drank 2 pots of coffee. I got the jitters. I am going to relax for a bit, and finish my book.



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