Saturday, May 8, 2010

NOTES FOR 5.9.2010

(Todays Session Above)

Well, just about finished up the Kraftwerk Remix. Had tons of problems are my notes -

The acapella of "das Modell" is terrible. Full of high pitched bit redux sounds. Its the only sample I can find of it will have to do. I was using my EQ 8 and automating one of the frequencies like a filter very quickly during parts where the high pitched bit redux sound was coming in. It is noticeable if you knew what was going on, I just hope no one else can tell....I was left without much a choice. My noise gate wouldnt work because the redux sound were so loud, they would pass through with the vocals. Shit. Anyway, I used a mixture of compressors, EQs, reverbs, and vocoder to make it sound better. I tried to vocode the whole thing a little to make it sound as if those sounds were MEANT to be....but it didnt go as well as planned. Working with shitty samples is TOUGH! If it wasnt so important, I would just throw it in the virtual garbage.

I used a sample loop for a drum roll today cause I liked it, but I was using hard pan automation from left to right for a neat effect. Its important to make sure the warping is PERFECT if you are going to do fast panning. Even so, there will be clips. Use a compressor and play with the release setting to get them to sit more nicely.

I was reading "computer musician" yesterday at the English book store in downtown Osaka (in japan, its totally fine to sit and read a whole magazine and not buy it). Tons of Japanese do this everyday with Mangas...which would never fly back in america. I was reading a whole article about build ups. Putting a 1/4 bar of silence right before an explosion really adds to the punch. I did that today with a hard vocal sample during the silence. Really gave a punch. Threw a compressor on it too for even more bite.

Automation is so fun. I dont think a track goes by without some kind of automation in it.

Sometimes, its really nice to use a weird synth sound or stab only ONCE in a song. Adds to the unique sound.

Well thats it. I think I am gonna go outside...the weather is nice. Gonna practice some juggling and read the new book I bought yesterday "Your Brain on Music". Its the study of neurology and music....very interesting read...and a nice change of pace from all the manuals I have been reading lately!



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