Friday, May 14, 2010

NOTES FOR 5.15.2010 (Morning)

(This Mornings Session)

Crazy night last night! Full of music dreams! I woke up at 6:30 and already had a 3 hour session by 9:30 now. 1 pot of coffee down, workin on the other. Started a new track. My creative brain was really in its element this morning. Put the backbone to a new track, will start working on the other parts after my ears clear up a bit. Cool funky jazzy track came together. Electro style bass, but not heavy...funky bass line, and jazz organ solos.

Notes -

When duplicating your bassline using 2 octaves, sometimes its great if you delay one of them by 1/4 bar. Really sounded bouncy. Also, if your bassline is long, shorten it up during break downs.

Jazz organs sound sweet. I have 16 bar solos throughout the whole track. Who said melody doesnt work in clubs anymore. Fuck that shit.

Today, I used a synth sound for the 1/4 note HH instead of a HH. Sounded really cool and really electronic.

Today, I took some loops and sliced out one shots from them. I will delay them and use them as stabs instead of loops. I also dont want to forget to put a flange on that one element. I heard it, I just cant forget it.

Today, it was kind of weird because I usually only put a backbone to about half of a track (3 mins or so)...but today, by the time I was finished with my backbone, it was 7 minutes already. Shit. Looks like it doesnt need lengthening at all.

I used a lot more synth lines than stabs so far. Im wondering if stabs will ruin this jazzy electro song. Hmmmm.....

Also, im really finding my niche in style. I always seem to having a rolling melody style bass line.

Well thats it. Break time, then back to work!


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