Wednesday, May 19, 2010

NOTES FOR 5.20.2010

(Todays Session Above)

This track almost looks like 2 separate tracks...but it is one. I am up to 45 tracks in this song...shit. Its got one shots all over the place...dubsteb bass (but in the mids) and tons of creepy sounding shit. Notes for today -

When doing an explosion, a cool idea I had was to use a white noise and an explosion (side chained to the kick)...then...cut it really fast with the on/off track automation, and THEN hit the crash cymbal. Def sounds out of place...but in a good way. I even cut it at an odd beat for a more unique sound.

Side chaining your explosions can sound really cool. Even set the attack and delay a little late will sound fine.

Abrupt stops in any fashion can be really cool if, RIGHT when it stops, another stab element hits. Its almost like a lead in for the stab.

Using on off automation on ALL the tracks, and then throwing in a weird (even out of key) stab can be really cool...and can even be done rhythmically. I did that today at the end of the track.

This track is going to need MASSIVE EQing. I am going to plan about 12 hours I think for EQing this track. I am doing SO MUCH in the low frequencies...i have to separate them a little if I want this to sound ok in the club.

Its really important when using sweep or build up samples that are being cut by on/off use a utility volume and automate it a little bit some it comes in a little softer. I need to do that tomorrow. I was cutting up a build up sweep...but when it comes back in from the on/off automation, it was too loud because the sweep is naturally getting louder.

This track will also need massive panning because so much is going on. I might even use autopan to get some more unpredictable, out of phase pans.

Well thats it for today. Ears are fucked as usual. Gotta stop.



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