Tuesday, May 18, 2010

NOTES FOR 5.19.2010

(Todays Session Above)

Still working on the track I started yesterday. I wasnt sure where this track was gonna go, and I was kind of getting discouraged because it was sounding too weird, and I couldnt think of anything to bring it back to being funky. Luckily, last night....I found some really funky bass stabs. And then today, I turned it into dubstep house with awesome alternating bass sounds. I realized...when things start sounding weird...go to dubstep bass...cause its ALWAYS weird, and intentionally weird. So you can take a track from...eh, ok...to fucking great with some bouncing LFO basses. Notes -

Using 2 LFO modulated bass sounds at the same time can be great. Use all the parameters at your disposal...LFO speed, filter LFO, velocity, frequency cutoff, Q, all of it...to get awesome sounds. Change each parameter everytime the bass cuts in and out to make it sound unique.

This track, I am really playing with low frequencies, so I need to remember to really take care of them in the EQ process.

Also, its important when using multiple synths to check your DETUNE. Sometimes, you dont notice, but just moving the knob a smidge can get the sounds in tune a little better than they were.

Its really important to separate your stabs. You never know what you are going to want to do with them later effect wise. So separate each sound especially when they came from a drum rack. It makes things a lot easier later.

I learned recently to not delete my elements section with all my drum samples in it until later in the track process. Sometimes, you make a nice beat with a kick, and then...some sounds you add later just dont sound right with it. I am going to def have to change the kick sound to give it a little more punch now that this song got really crazy. Im glad I didnt delete it out of my template because it will be easy to change.

I really need to make more racks with shaker samples instead of HHs. I just dont have enough right now, and had to use a shaker loop for the time being...but I really dont like loops.

I made a vocal loop last night with my mic saying "Stuff you dont hear in the club". I need to cut the little pop from my lips touching. I will fix that up in the EQ process. This tracks EQing is going to be a lot harder than before because of the massive lower end in the track. I am running 4 bass tracks...which is hard to do.

This track is really getting up in the tracks. I am up to almost 40, and I havent even done sweeps, crashes, or the 2nd half of the song. Wow!

Thats it for today!



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