Monday, May 17, 2010

NOTES FOR 5.18.2010

(Todays Session Above)

Well, I know I should be mixing my last track, but I was feeling weirdly creative today...I wanted to start a new track, and something a little creepy and different than before. Today, I started a new track using middle eastern scales as the melody and bassline. Pushed me to some new limits today....this track would def not be a club banger...more of a "wow, thats weird" type track. Almost creepy with chromatic clown scales overtop. Notes for today -

When using 2 or 3 basses together, especially in the really low EQed tech house type, its important to make sure you arent using any of the same frequencies. I had to move the whole one bass up an octave just so it didnt sit with the bass sitting at 70Hz. It was really tough. I wanted this really busy low bass sound...but not very strong. Was really hard to do.

Sometimes, percussion in odd places can be just what you need. I was making some drum loops and accidentally made a mistake which turned out to be one of the main sounding parts in the song.

When making 2 different basses, its good to side chain compress them with separate attack and release parameters. It makes them stand out differently. Also, the compressor within ZEBRA vst....i dont really like much.

I need to get some weird effects on these melodies so they dont sound so boring. I will do that tomorrow.

Well, not many notes today. Ive been making tracks the last few days, but everything was to straight forward, it wasnt really worth noting.



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