Friday, May 7, 2010

NOTES FOR 5.7.2010

(Todays Session Above)

What a fucking day! Phew. Started at 9 this morning...took a half hour break mid day to write a small blog...back to work until 10:30pm. 1/2 hour for dinner. Its a disease...ableton live is. Shit. I started a brand new track today...a remix of Kraftwerk's "Das Model"...electro style. Its a really weird track. I have never gotten so much done in one day...the track is almost finished besides EQing, Panning, and remixing it....but my ears are tired and not hearing things correctly right I will do it tomorrow. Some notes for today -

Clean out drum racks of un-needed samples. That is where all my CPU was going. Stupid me...I should have known that. Duh. Anyway, got a lot of power back from my mac after doing that.

Using the track on and off on white noise risers and fallers can almost be like an instrument. Cutting them up rhythmically can be super cool. This track is full of them.

There doesnt always have to have bass in parts of tracks for a long time. It can really make the pressure and build up really powerful rocking out just drums for a bit. The bass feels so much heavier when it comes in.

I gotta figure a way to clean up these Kraftwerk acapellas. There are bit crusher style sounds through it for some reason. Maybe a bad acapella, but I couldnt find this acapella anywhere but one place...and I dont think gates or filters will work. I was thinking about cutting up the glitchy sounds and letting them stay in there...and then copy and pasting the actually glitch into another track, and putting a delay on it so it sounds like part of the track. Not sure what I will do.

Having a riser rise up, then using the transpose at the last minute and moving it from HARD +48 to -48 really quickly can make for a SAD build up....everyone goes up...then it comes down to fake the dancers out. A real fun asshole move on a DJs part....but ill do it for fun. Toy with the audience.

Today, I tried a different mix out style...having everything DROP OUT for the mix out really quickly...and just leaving 3 elements running. Its really drastic, but I can see a great possibility when mixing it with another track. A nice drastic changing mix. Goes well cause this song is already fucked up, so a fucked up mix out will be nice.

For now on, all sounds will be separated into their own channels. No more 2 sounds on one channel ever. EQing is just so much easier. I am going to make that part of my clean-up routine. Sometimes, when making stuff quickly, I put 2 sounds on a track....but for now on, I will take care of that during clean up.

When producing tracks, and many of them, its good to think about their mixability overall. So, if you have been making some tracks that have been rather straight or really funky, its good to make some with some weird artistic sounding parts. Remember, one particular song is only for a short time in a, you can be crazy in your tracks sometimes...its ok!

Beat repeat is fun on electro bass in small parts. Its really unpredictable sometimes what sound will come out. Use it more ofter.

Also, synth pong sounds for snares are great also. The last 2 tracks I have made both have them.

Well thats it for today! Time to rest my eyes and ears for a bit. I feel like a monster.



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