Wednesday, May 5, 2010

NOTES FOR 5.6.2010

(Todays Session Above)

Great mixing session today. Just about finished up a new song I have been working on for the last 3 days. I started it back on 4.9.2010...but only a few tracks...but now its about finished. Its called "Hammer & Anvil (Pittsburgh G20 Protest)". I sampled police scanners from the G20 in my hometown of pittsburgh during that protest. Fuck police. This track is super heavy, 132 BPM, no swing...arp bass (almost psy sounding)...but really rockin. I have been making funky and deep tracks for a while...I wanted to do something harder...and here it is. I will probably give it another clean-up mix tonight, and then send it off to my engineer. Notes for today -

For quick stab sounds, try any new parameter to automate that you havent tried. You will be surprised at the outcome. I automated the transpose, saturation, grain delay, and EQ Filter of a small stab, and turned it into a nasty sounding sound.

When panning a main synth, dont pan too far to either side. Just a little to add dynamics.

Using 2 band pass filters on a police scanner can really make it sound even more like a scanner. Use the first band pass the shelf the outsides to remove any buzz, and then use the other to isolate a frequency from 1K-5K to give it a little more presence.

A long build up sweep during a main part rather than a normal build up part really gives the sense of craziness and energy.

Make sure to turn your track ON/OFF automation during an audio CUT. Cleans up the silence.

I used a stereo bass in this track too, sounds good here...just wondering how it will sound in the club.

Well thats about it for today!



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