Monday, May 3, 2010

VIDEO (4 Part) Making a House Track in Ableton Live Tutorial

I have been getting a few request to make a video detailing how I make a track in ableton live. This is a 4 part youtube video (20 mins) explaining the process. Comment if you have questions. Part 4 shows a little bit of my new track. Sorry for the low video quality. My digital camcorder has been broken for a while so I used an old one.



Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed your vids, especially the second video on how you have all your templates set up. I have a real basic template but after seeing yours it gave me a lot of ideas.


Tasos said...

Is there any chance of sharing your template? I have seen you other video where you use you controllers and I find it really good how you setup you Live channels.


Dan said...

A really good look into the use of Ableton as a sequencer. This certainly tackles the advanced usage of Ableton, but maybe a few more introductory tutorials would be helpful.
Nice job, keep them coming.

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