Monday, March 1, 2010

I have started this blog not to express myself or my is for one sole note everything i'm learning in the music making process....specifically electronic music...but also organic. Everyday, I get new ideas....musically, but even more so, technically. I will use this outlet to post the ideas I have created, along with screen shots of my creations. This is mostly for my purposes of handing my inability to remember things that I do...and maybe, if it comes to be, help others get ideas....but, mostly for my own stupidity.

Ableton is a complex machine, and putting 6-8 hours a day into it...ideas can become lost pretty quickly. I hope this helps me not forget shit.


Anonymous said...

wow u get 6-8hours a day in it, I'm so jealous, I'm lucky if I get 6-8 mins / day

Josherman said...

Thanks! I'm about to follow your journey :)

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