Monday, March 8, 2010

NOTES FOR 3.9.2010

Todays Session Above

Today I was working on a different track from last week. SUPER DEEP & JAZZY! Notes for today -

Use a frequency shifter on a snare, then use the envelope to bring to frequency up during a breakdown for a nice effect. The snare gets higher and higher, then comes back to its original form after the build up finishes.

Use side chain compression on a nice pad with the threshold all the way down to make it pump. Then modulate the LFO in Tremolo mode. Use the envelope to switch between LFO rates back and forth. Almost makes a dubstep style sound (usually applied to bass) on a pad. Does not sound like dubstep at all, just the same principles. Makes a really unique sound to your pad. Makes it bounce. Have the attack set low so it really fluctuates.

If you want your own style of delay, rather than the effects built within ableton (especially good on a vocal loop fadeout), just crop the sample, and re-paste it in the delay form you want, then use your own effects to make it sound nice. I used a low pass filter modulated by a changing LFO rate, and a small simple delay, and volume. All using envelopes.

Make sure, if someone else is going to be mixing and mastering your track, that your bass has all the elements you want. Especially if it has some high frequencies that you want. If they simply ARENT THERE, mixing is not MAGIC. You can always remove things, but you cannot add things. So if use your EQ and lift the high frequencies to the max and make sure they are even there. If not, you need to add another track overtop the bass to add the frequencies you want. Its better to have TOO MUCH than not enough. You can always remove, but you cannot add.

Using my CHORD & SCALE technique, its really easy to make JAZZ solos. You set to a nice key, and a nice jazzy key synth, and rock out any keys on the controller. Go back and quantize it, and BAM, you got a JAZZ solo....even if you are not a jazz musician. Since you cannot his wrong notes, you sound like a pro.

Oh yea, and BUDDY HOLLY kicks ass! Sampled him today...he's so fuckin chill!

Well, thats it for the session today. With no shows coming up for the next few weeks (THANK GOD!!!!) I can really work on some of the tracks I put together last week.



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