Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Organic Jam Chicken Fillet

This blog is about organic jams. With Hanami around the corner, its time to make the outside world feel the vibrations of organic jam. No computers, no speakers, just people, instruments, & whatever substance you plan to use to induce it! Here I am going to talk about important elements of a good organic jam.

A Jam is like a Chicken Fillet -

In a drum circle, you never know who is going to show up. It may be the most talented of musicians, the hippiest of hippies, the drunkest of drunks, or that totally musically illiterate. When having a jam session with random folks, you cannot get down when things dont sound just right, just remember that everyones energy is flowing, and do your best to take care of the jam.

I like to think of a jam or drum circle like cooking a difficult culinary dish...like a chicken fillet.

There are certain things that need to be there in order for it to taste (or sound) just right. But sometimes, its the little things like spices (small sounds) that will make all the difference. Lets take a meat dish for example. The drums are like the raw meat. You need them to have a nice rhythm and bass. Without them its simply not jam, or a dish. Obviously, the more expensive meat (or better drums & drummers) is going to taste and sound better. If you are really hungry, or have to feed an army, you are going to need a big slab of meat. Think of this like the bass drum at the jam. If you really want to get a big group of people dancing and feeling the vibes, you gotta have that big pounding bass. It may not be the most glorious of jobs in a jam, but damn is it important. And where is your chicken breast fillet going to be without the chicken. Do we want to go vegetarian....nah, not when you wanna make something SUPER delicious.

Next, you need your vegetables to accent your meat. This could be any melodic instrument like a didge, flute, violin....anything noted really. This sound is REALLY going to stand out more than anything else in the jam because it has tones and unique frequencies. Just like some peppers would make the whole chicken fillet nice and spicy. Now hopefully, you didnt shop at the cheap supermarket for your peppers, and the musician knows how to rock out in key with drummers. A main melodic instrument must be able to determine the key of the largest & deepest drum...and stay in key from there. That bass drum stands out more than anything, and you gotta stay right in line with that.

Now we need our onions & garlic. Think of these like all the other drummers jamming in the jam. They really make a big difference to the dish, and without them, it simply doesnt taste the same....yet it doesnt really have to have it in the dish if you dont really want it...but it can make all the difference in a good jam. But, with these elements, you must be careful, because too much can really over do it. And, theres nothing worse than getting a bad onion in the dish, cause it can ruin the whole thing...but even when you make a dish with a bad onion, you still eat the dish, because its better than nothing. You try to not taste it, or pick it out. I think you get what I mean by this.

Now, we have a great gourmet plate serving up....but what chef cooks without salt and pepper. These are used in such small amounts, but can add so much flavor to a meal. Think of salt and pepper as the wood blocks, chimes, bells, sticks, and light percussion in a jam. If you have just the right amount, they can accent the sound of the jam incredibly. These sounds sit at different tones and frequencies that the drums, and can be heard much louder than the lower sounds. Just like salt and pepper can really be tasted in a meal, but they dont really stand out on their own. They need the other elements of the dish to really be appreciated.

Last, we need to add some white wine. Think of this as the people chanting, or that beautiful female voice singing away in the jam. You dont HAVE to have it, but boy o' boy does it sound JUST RIGHT when its there. It can add so much soulful energy to a session, and make it much more memorable. As with wine in a dish, it probably means you have left over wine to drink. This represents all the people who will then let out the vocal insides to the spiritual experience. When more people sing & chant, it makes it so much more memorable.

After slowly taking in that chicken fillet, savoring it, thinking about the time and energy you put into it, there is such a great feeling of satisfaction. Hopefully you didnt drink too much off the wine, and are still able to comprehend all of it....but even if you cant...it still felt great.

That is an Organic Jam Chicken Fillet.



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