Tuesday, March 30, 2010

NOTES FOR 3.31.2010

Today, I finished up the track from 3.2.2010...and its called "American Dream". I am sending it off to my mastering engineer today. Got everything sounding just right. Here are my notes to the engineer.

Notes for FroBot - "American Dream"

This track is a deeper track than before....and even a little bit political. :) This should have a really deep "deep house" vibe. Key notes for this track

ALL TRACKS are NOT EQed at ALL! I had them on when I made it, but took them off after cause I like a pro to do it.

1. Chords must be sitting at nice deep house frequencies, each in their own, and very strong. They are SUPER important.

2. Horns need to have more power than they do now. Especially the LOWER sounding horns. They should also sit nice a strong in the track. Im not very good at understanding EQing on horns, so please use your expertise to make them sound full and nice...not weak like they are now. They should be sharp however, with not too much reverb.

3. Bass must be nicely EQed with kick and side chained. Feel free to EQ that kick too. I had a sidechain on when I made it, but took it off so you could get it just right. Very important to get that side chain JUST right...deep house tracks need really good sidechaining....very balanced side chaining.

4. Track called "LIGHT cymbols" should be nice and spacey and big sounding. There is not much of a BUILD UP sample in the beginning of the track, only at the end. So "Light cymbol" should be nice and full sounding.

5. Vocals come from the real "I have a dream" speech. They do have some audio clips in them due to 1960's style recording. Hopefully you can remove them with eqs. Please let those vocals sit nicely so they can be heard, without over powering the track. At the end of the track, I use 2 tracks to bounce between the vocals, so that the people are SCREAMING constantly in the background. I had no choice but to do this because I couldnt cut his WORD vocals out without having people screaming in parts of it, and if the screaming disappeared, it sounded terrible, so I just left it in. If there is anyway to minimize that, do it. If not, its fine, its the end of the track. Just dont let the peoples screams overtake the song.

5. Track called "bubbles 2" is almost like a lead part. Let it stand out nicely.

6. The WHITE NOISE should sit at a nice frequency too, like minimal music does. They have NO reverb on them (except one of them). I like it like this. Punchy white noise.

7. at 3:30, the vocals are chopped to be a melody. They should stand out nicely.

8. at 3:30 - track called "synth hit" little tiny synth POPS should be strong.

9. VERY IMPORTANT - at 4:00 tracked called "bubbles" starts. It is sitting at a MUCH TOO LOW frequency. EQ it higher (in the mids) and nicely. It interferes with the bass. Try to make this sit nicely.

10. 5:27 - OK, this point is all crazy. Please use your musical ear to make this buildup sound nice. Its really weird, and full of distortion (on purpose). Also, when it comes back it, I did my best to make it as PUNCHY with the disappearing audio into the gunshot. If you know a trick to make this sound even punchier, please try it...dont add samples, but, something....not sure how to get it to sound more punchier. Its a nice little effect where the audio all disappears and then a gunshot hits really fast. I tried so many things here, but its the best I could get it. I like it, but if you have an idea to make it punch harder, try it.

11. Anything that needs panned so there is no masking, go for it.

12. Oh yea, goes without saying, but make sure that snare sounds beautiful.

Well...thats it for today! Should have this track back in a week or so!

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