Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ideas After Listening - Notes 3.14.2010

Just idea notes. Means nothing to most.

3 bars instead of 4.

Build up, explode on 2 early...surprise it 2 bars early.

Regular Piano and Strings

Use a vocal instead of a crash on a hit into something new.

Side chain white noisy pad with kick. Filter up and down.

Use a nice funky deep jazz bassy sound, solo that fucker.

Explode and then do sweep down, instead of always up.

End of a bar, uses nice key sound and roll down on the last part of bar 4 only, or 8.

Make a track with hard warm tech house bass same time as kick. Hand drums cut up. The off will be another drum SWING!

Chop vocals up during a build up 1/4 maybe nice.

Try some different kicks besides electronic. Do a sample slicing track from hand drums, and tones and delays.

Harmonica is nice too.

Jazz Style - 6 bars, 7 bars...or some shit like that....switching.

Crazy idea. Bring the frequencies up on the track...and make a white noise at a super high frequency, no reverb, then slam back into the track.

Dont just filter a kick to sound low. Cut its release with either a compressor or something...make it really thin too. Maybe Q on an EQ.

Also, when filtering, try a band pass with a high Q.

Sorry im not so useful today.

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