Sunday, March 7, 2010

NOTES FOR 3.7.2010

Todays Session Above

Its been a hangover session today. Really mostly cleaning up that track I was working on last Thursday. Added the final little vocals and worked within envelopes today - Notes for today -

ENVELOPES are where talent is heard. You can have a super awesome funky beat, and the normal Joe will be happy with that. Envelopes are where you can really stand out to other producers. The possibilities are just endless! Dont rush through a track without playing with envelopes. They make all the difference to the musically inclined.

I think I have said this before, but use of multiple delays at variation speeds are GREAT! Abletons simple delay feature where you can put different speeds on the LEFT and RIGHT go great with chopped vocals.

Its really hard to find a snare or clap you you REALLY like. I really need to dig deep in my sample bucket for a nice snare for this track...something with a little bit more bottom end.

Double & tripling up you high hats make for a really dynamic sound. Just keep the volume low on all of them, and you will get a nice warm high hat. Use the frequency shifter and put them in different ranges...that way each sit separately, but accent each other. I really need to study the science of matching frequencies. Certain frequencies are like sisters of eachother, working well off each other.

If you are going to use a 2 or 4 bar sample loop, like a light percussion, just cut it up a little bit to make it more unique. Sometimes I feel bad my head thinking "I DIDNT MAKE THAT". But there are some pretty damn good samples out there....just cut them up with volume envelopes or just slice them. You can make your own sound from something already made. I love sampling, just dont want to do it too much.

Be careful with abletons built in filters. If you leave them on, even with the setting at its highest point, there is still an audio difference. Solo the track to hear it, and you can. So, use the ON OFF envelope within a track to make sure the filter is TOTALLY off when you dont want it on.

Always use ON OFF envelopes during a hard change....cleans the cut out a lot. You tend to forget where your reverbs are sitting....and sometimes, when your deep in a track, you dont even hear them on. Just make sure to totally cut track volume so the reverb wont take effect (or other effects) when you dont want them to. Especially if you have a delay or reverb with a long resonating time.

Oh yea, and FUCKING PRESS SAVE MORE! Ableton rarely crashes, but it did on me today, and I had forgotten to push save for like 10 minutes. That just about pisses you off!

Well thats it for today. I just got a new connection on EQing and Mastering out of I will be sending a couple tracks off later this month...hopefully release by mid april or may.



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