Thursday, March 11, 2010

NOTES FOR 3.12.2010

Todays Session Above

Another nice Friday off. Started a new track today. A little more funky that the past few deep style songs I was working on. Still in my same "noted bass" style. Notes for today -

Using the same saturator effect I was talking about in my "electro bass" tutorial on synthetic horns makes them sound really nasty too. They really stand out more with a ripping saw wave sound. It will definitely make the girls wanna take their panties off after hearing it.

If you automate a sweeps pitch to extremes, like -30st to + 36st, and then only let it play for a small part, it can make for some nice quick, rolling, stab sounds. I was using a few sweep samples today, but just edited the start point of the sample within my drum rack to the point where the sweep goes "over the hill". Then used that as a stab. Nice and spacey stabs. Also, use the same sweep stab, and alternate between 2 notes for a more melodic stab approach.

Compressors are a bitch. I was trying to use the arpeggiator and a side chain compressor on a melody. It took forever to get the compressor just right so as not to hear small peaks at the beginning of the kick (routed). I wanted the release not up so high so I could really get a pumping effect, but without putting the release up, the small clips were there. After almost an hour of using an EQ 8 and toying with the compressor, I finally got a sound I liked....but I didnt like it 100%. I had to remove certain high frequencies I wanted in it to remove the clip and still keep the pump. I really gotta study that compressor more.

Be care when using pre-made samples that contain high hats. If you have another high hat track running, the chances are, their frequencies are different. If you plan to change the frequency of the pre-made sample, you will also change the other elements of the sample. Pay attention to your hats. Either cut the sample up to remove the hats from it, and then toss on a reverb so you cant hear the samples volume cutting so drastically....or, as I would like to in the future, just stay away from pre-made samples.

I need to study how to make more explosive hits. Anyone?

Stay away from audio pitch converters whenever possible. They just sound like shit! Try to actually transpose it within ableton, because ableton just does a better job at it. I was using the pitchwheel vst, but I might as well throw that shit in the virtual garbage. It sucks!

I may have said this before, but its crucial to figure out where your delays are ending. Its easy to not notice them as new elements come in. Check their endings by soloing the track.

Double your snares. One with not a a lot of attack, and one with a hard attack.

I really need to get the hang of abletons groove. I understand it and all, but I want more swing....but I always get to much. I need to listen to some other peoples tracks and load them into ableton and sample the groove.

Well, thats it for today. Rob is coming over, and I think we will go to the park and play drums and didge. Organic music time!



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