Saturday, April 17, 2010

Dubstep Improv Jam out of Household Sounds w/ 36 Simplers - VIDEO

Today was a really interesting day. Woke up early, and Asogi started off to try a make a dubstep improv jam out of 100% household sounds. We recorded tons of sounds around the house with my studio mic like my cat, gulps, brushing teeth, spray bottles, lighters smacking together...tons of shit. Our original recordings looked like this. The following picture has the names of the original files -

After this, I loaded each one of these samples into its own instrument rack with a simpler. So about 18 samples of simplers. We then connect our 2 computers via airport, and copied the set to asogis computer and jammed for a while. We deconstucted the samples and made nice sounds out of them. After that, I loaded his ableton set into mine, and had a total of about 36 simplers running, and then made some improv scenes out of them, some lfo control via midi of the bass, and jammed away. Here are some of the screen shots of after I put the 2 sets together -

It was a fun project for the morning, and just goes to show that you can make any sound out of any sound really if you know how to use simpler. Just imagine what you could do with sampler or other tools. This was only 36 simplers and 2 macs, 2 vcm 600, and a few midi controllers for making the notes.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the video!




Ed said...

That's awesome!

Anonymous said...

Nice Jam, thats what i like just bouncing wobbling and shaking

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