Saturday, April 10, 2010

NOTES FOR 4.11.2010

(Todays Session Above)

Morning session on a Sunday morning. Nice. Get some music in before I head out for another jam session at Suma. Todays track is getting NASTY! Like, hard techno style...still has my funky end...but its a "guga guga" bass....hard arp bass through this song, with some dubstep sub-bass sounds in breaks. Def my heaviest song yet. Notes for today -

Saturator is great. Ive been really just destroying things into distortion recently, and getting these super fucked up sounds. Especially automating the saturators depth and period. You can almost make a WHITE NOISE sound out of anything, then automate it back in to a regular sound within the track. Today I did that with highhats. Actually just used a noise sound, modulated the lfo at 1/16 to make it sound like HH...but when the big HIT came in, automated the waveshaper to sound like steady white noise, then re-put the lfo back in. Cool sound.

Today I also used a FADE IN bass rather than just a bass starting in. Different idea.

I need to get the funky slap bass sounding right too. Its sitting in the mids too strongly.

I like to do things that can really fuck up a DJ. Like making my lead ins 5/4, or like one extra bar. Making my breakdowns 3 1/2 bars, or 5 bars...something like that. Sorry DJ friends, makes it harder to beatmatch...but makes for a cooler track. Everything is always 4/4 in the future, it wont be that way.

Up until now, I never used the ableton preset made effects racks. I dont know why. There are some rad sounds in there. I need to play around with them a little more.

I need to study explosions a little more. I want some really heavy explosion sounds for this track.

Also, I need to make my HHs sit at at different frequency. I have 4 hh tracks running on this track, and the are conflicting a little. But this track is still in its baby stages anyway.

Oh yea....I MISS PSYTRANCE....hmmmm.....

Thats it! Time to head out to Suma Beach! Yea! Jam session time!



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