Thursday, April 15, 2010

Music PDF Files for Studying Music

Hey all! I recently got my hands on tons of electronic music studying pdf files. Im not sure which are pirated and which are not, because I got most of them from the internet on direct downloads, and its hard to know which are and which arent just because they are text pdf files...and its hard to I am not going to list them on this website. But, I am willing to share them with whoever emails me and asks for them. Right now, I have over 4000 pages of PDF files (and I printed all of them into books yesterday). Its going to be a few weeks of studying for me, but I would like to help out anyone else I can! If you want a copy of any of the books, I will gladly email to you, just contact me at with an email link, and which one you want!

Right now I have -

Music and Mathematics - 200 Pages
The Music Tech Dictionary - 256 Pages
Ableton Live (not manual) - 350+ Pages
Composition for Computer Musicians - 237 Pages
Digital Music for Dummies - 386 Pages
Audio Production & Critical Listening - 182 Pages
Music Theory Beg, Inter, Adv - 150 pages
Ozone Mastering Guide - 64 Pages

Like I said, I cant just put up links for these because i'm not really sure which are free and which arent, but I have only a little bit of an understanding for ebooks, as they are just TEXT, and impossible to really protect on the internet. With a google pdf search, a lot of these come up. I dont really feel bad about sharing information, but you gotta email me first. Gmail has a 25MB I will do my best to help!

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