Monday, April 5, 2010

NOTES FOR 4.6.2010

(Todays Session Above)

Well, I have had 3 good sessions in the past few days. Even managed to get some time in after Hanami working on this new track. Its taking a lot more time than I expected due to a few things I did within it. This track is turning out to be FUNKY FUNKY yet japanese sounding in the middle. I love asian sounds....and this song makes a story like the others.

Tech notes -

Today, I made a nice effect automating the sidechain compressor on a HARD electro bass sound at the end of the track. Makes the synth jump out and back in of sidechain mode using automation on the threshold. I must not forget this effect...sounds awesome.

Sometimes, to get the best delay effects you are looking for, its better to just copy and past the file in the delay order you want and edit it that way rather than using abletons delay effect. You have more control.

Getting your cymbals tones just right is a bitch. Also, EQing the high ends out without losing the presence of them is also very trick. I gotta work more on this.

Making the bass key a harmony of the track, instead of making it the main key...makes for a really uplifting sound. Bring it back down to the key of all the other sounds later to give more power back.

Vocals are important, they really add the "NEEDED" pieces to a track. Nothing gay though!

I sampled a story about george clinton and parliament in this track. Rad as hell!

This track uses sub bass as the bass. I need to EQ it to match the attack key of the kick to get it sound just right.

Well, thats it for now. Ive done a lot, but not tons of NEW things worth noting!



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