Tuesday, April 6, 2010

EQ Frequency Chart for Instruments & Electronic Sounds

This is a frequency chart for Kick Drum, Snare, Hi Hats, Cymbals, Bass, Vocals, Piano, Electric Guitar, & Strings. Just gives you an idea of where to boost or cut when you are wanting a certain sound. I found this to be REALLY useful...and it is printed and laminated on the wall beside my studio at all times. I made this link to keep all the charts together for my own reference, if it helps others...awesome! Link to the pdf file below -

(click to enlarge HQ picture)

THE ORIGINAL PDF FILE Here - Frequency Chart (from of emusictips.com, this is not my chart)

A few other nice charts are here too - (All charts from other sources...thank you so much!)

Some nice links on EQing too -






Anonymous said...

great compiling of charts. real helpful

Anonymous said...

Excellent collection. Very helpful. Thanks!!

anybody human said...

Very cool. Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

Dude, so thankful that you did this - really put things quickly in perspective!

Anonymous said...

√√√√ merci

Quiztones said...

Thanks for these!

Anonymous said...

hell yeah! very nice..

EQ Frequency Chart For Instruments said...

Nice I've used several of these before but having them all on 1 page is perfect. I'm gonna have to share this on some of the music production forums

Definitely Not A Robot said...

Very helpful indeed, thank you!

Unknown said...

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