Friday, April 9, 2010

NOTES for 4.9.2010

(Tonights Little Evening Session Above)

Well, its Friday, as usual, whole day off to make music...besides a small little dentist appointment at 10 this of the day was music.

I got 2 sessions in today, one all morning and afternoon, and then one late this evening.

As for todays session. I was working on the track from 4.12.2010....getting it mostly finished up. I spent almost 2 hours working on a sweep, automating each little section of the waveshaper within saturator. Just distorted the fuck out of the sound. Then used a highpass filter to make it filter out in the same frequency where I had my HEAVY synth coming. It was coming out of a high pass the sweep meets with in, then comes rocking away into this HEAVY HEAVY electro ending. Sounded really cool, and its been nice to get out of the total jazz deep sound I had been working on for the past few weeks.

Still gotta work on those crash cymbals a little. They need tuned and eqed. I need better fucking monitors and acoustics to hear that shit right.

I also accidentally deleted a youtube sample I had pulled for that song when I was cleaning up my I had to go back in and redo all that stuff too...which was a bitch. But, it sounded better the 2nd time I did it, so all good.

That track has about a days work plus a day of recording the guitar solo for the end, and then ill send it off to get mastered.

Well, as for this evening, I was feeling I started into a new track. I used my new monome and layered a nice bass sound within an instrument chain using 3 seperate vsts that I messed around with. Deep rolling bass sound. Added a few other sounds with my drum pads and a few synth lines. Cleaned up a nice kick, snare, hh combo. I basically put a backbone of about 1/2 of a track together. I spent a lot of time again with that saturator getting a nice ripping sound on a few of the synths in the chains...and then again on the whole track too.

Also, stupid me...I dont know how I missed this, but I didnt know that you could just copy and paste a whole track with its effect from one set to another, envelopes included. I had been saving them to my browser up until now. I just gave it a shot today, and it was fine. That is really nice for switching between my actual track and my digital synthesis set (I use for sound creation). I feel like a total noob not knowing that.

Also, I put a nasty kick on this with distortion on it. Also, really destroyed the wave of the snare and hhs too...really glitchy sounding.

I imagine ill work a little in the morning, and then head out for BBQ in the evening and toss the disc and drink stupidly!



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