Tuesday, April 6, 2010

NOTES FOR 4.7.2010 + (General Ideas)

(Todays Session Above)

Well Holy Shit! It was a god given day today....damn. This song went to a whole new level with the ending bass I put together today. Used some BRAND NEW tricks, and spent all morning just getting this bass right. If you look closely at this picture....this is a saturator on this HEAVY HEAVY, i mean ripping speakers heavy bass....turn the song into old school electro at the end that is SO HARD not to rock your head out to. It came about my accident and a little bit knowledge of effects. I even automated the filter envelope with a rising filter LFO speed, and also turn the automation for the mixer TRACK ON OFF in a 1/8 - 1/16 temolo effect. Really cool!

So, why did I finish so soon today...because, after hearing this heavy ending, I must have an electric guitar solo at the end by either danny or kento...2 guitar player friends of mine. Its going to sound old school electro mixed with rock solo over total FUNK. So, I feel like I cannot work on this song anymore until I get that finished. So I will probably go back to my old track from 3.12.2010 and work on it a bit more.

Notes for today -

Saturator Freq and depth are important on raunch. Just a smidge of period, but you can almost hear the speed of the period parameter, so use your ears to make its speed sound the same as the bpm or another element within the track. Waveshaper is a godsend.

I finally eqed and changed up the crash sounds today. Sounding much better, but, they are of all things, so hard to EQ just right. I hope my engineer can help me with that....im not afraid to say when I dont know something...and god damn...crash sounds...I can never get them sounding the way I like. But, much better than before. I used a chart I got from online to help me with different elements of sounds and where to boost. Maybe I will post that sometime soon.

I need to think of a creative way to alter a repetitive sounding vocal sample at the end of this track....club style...almost annoying but just not long enough to be. I sometimes think its cheesy when I hear just a random bit crusher or glitch, or beat smasher or twist of filter...when I hear a track. I mean, sure, its sounds cooler than something over and over (especially a repetitive vocal loop repeating every bar, 2 bars, or 4 bars.) I think that when someone does this, is almost like they couldnt think of anything better....this does not go for delays or reverbs...those are tools...but, like, hard effects. I would like to hear some way to remix it, or change pitch to make melody, or alter frequency to it becomes a different element like high hats or something....I dunno. But, sometimes you hear a track too many times over and over, and you start to get lazy...so, hopefully, I can come up with an idea for those vocal loops that isnt so cheesy.

Theres a sound I really want to understand how to make just right...that might sound easy, but it always crosses my head when I think of it...and it is hard to make. Wolfgang garter's "Latin Fever"....has those nice drum sounds hitting over and over as the main part. I want to have that drum sound....a crispy clear, toned drum. Everything that I find sample based is always dull sounding....I try to eq, but it just sounds fake. I want that actually sound....so I think I should sample some good drums, especially all the japanese traditional bands that play around in the parks here all spring and summer. Just take the mac and a mic down there...and record them....I think that will be my best bet in getting a nice drum sample sound like that.

Well thats it for today. I think I will relax.



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