Thursday, April 1, 2010

NOTES FOR 4.2.2010

Todays Session Above

Another nice session today. I worked on the track I started yesterday, put the backbone in it half way through, and then started to build up the actually track melodies and hits throughout the beginning. I tried some new ideas today worth noting -

Using funky guitar stabs, and panning them in a bouncy way makes for a really funky stereo dynamic sound. It almost makes a melody by switching between all of them. It doesnt sound like an actually guitar player playing, but sound super cool. I did it through the beginning and sounded great.

I also realized that sometimes, its better to have a WEAK explosion than a strong one. I did this today....because, once you make a base of tracks that you will play in the club, sometimes, you need different kinds of explosions to sound more creative. Today, I tried making weaker ones. They still need work though.

Build ups are a bitch. Hard to make and sound just right.

2 crash cymbals in harmonic tones sounds great together on a big HIT.

Sometimes, its nice to have the bass in a harmony rather than the main key, and let the other parts (in my case today, guitars) be the powerful notes standing out. Makes for a weaker sound, but is nice.

Well thats it for today. Hanami tomorrow. Not much to write about!


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