Thursday, April 15, 2010

NOTES FOR 4.16.2010

(Todays Improv / Track Making Template Fix)

Well, with all the things I have been doing lately, my track making / improv set has really made some I decided to clean things up before I will be having a psy session with DJ Asogi & DJ Spazam (Sam) tonight at my place. So, I needed to make sure I could really improv using all my shit, but also be able to make new sounds. So I made a new set, and cleaned things up. Here are my notes...these are important ones to remember -

Lets start from left to right in the set -

VCM first 4 tracks. Made them to hold my main drum loop samples that I like to slice up. Used to have 6 tracks of audio, changed that down to four. Still have my main effects instead of EQs on there, like reverb, delays, and beat smashers.

Track 5 - VCM - Midi track to match Launchpad user 1. Matches with same effects as tracks 1-4, except it has loops in place of where the beat loops are. I have 3 loops. Also, took a frequency shifter and set it to -500hz, +500Hz, to act as sort of a universal transpose for whatever rack I put in there.

Track 6 - VCM - Monome - Midi track matching up to the monome. Since I was having delay issues with the monome through polynome...I decided to make it so the beat clock is internal to the polynome, and I will just match the time to whatever the clock is in ableton. Seemed to fix the problem. Also added same frequency shifter to it and loop functions.

Track 7 - For Synth Loop Samples, or any melody audio I create with my tools.

Track 8 - Bass Audio Track. Put a compressor (sidechained to my kick in the elements section) but not mapped and shut off. Its there for convenience. I also put an EQ 8 so I can roll off the bass quickly and do some tweaking like it always needs.

Elements Sections - Kick, Snare, 1/4HH, 1/16HH. My house backbone. Everything is the same. Maybe should put things there for the kick, but I am never sure just what, so nothing is fine instead of eating up CPU.

Drum Kit - Finally mapped the fucker out to the trigger finger knobs. Put delays on the first 3 knobs, a reverb, then an analog arp and distance for some randomness. Put on the same frequency shifter as tracks 5 & 6, with an LFO option on it.

Simpler Cut 1 & 2 - These are new. These are to drag any sample into and make into a new sound, something I have become fond of lately. Usually to make bass or just some tones. I put them into an instrument rack so I could have some control if I want to later. I didnt map them out yet...probably will map them to the uc33e when I get it back from my friend. But the main simpler is mapped to the piano controller.

Synths 1 & 2 - Made some new loop functions. Removed the normal audio loops I had before because I simply do not have enough faders at the moment to control them. Usually when I make an audio loop out of something, it doesnt need to be on the fly since I am using this to record, i made a 2nd midi track for each...routing into itself and back out. Now I have 2 midi loops running at the same time per synth, and also have the option of running them together to build stronger sounds. I thought this was a better idea for the time being since I have the record quantize everything anyway. Put separate stop functions on each to control each. Handy.

After that, just my cues, and only one AUDIO IN to make audio loops out of things if I want.

Thats basically all the work I did today. I need a nap. I just got back from the dentist this morning with practically 2 new teeth...shit.



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